Monday, December 15, 2008

TAMPA BAY-BY!! 02.01.09

Chef Spike Returns to His Hometown - Tampa Bay, FL for Super Bowl XLIII

Make sure to check out Spike at Taste of the NFL and Top Chef Tailgate Party!

Taste of the NFL, a Food & Wine Charity Event, brings together the top chefs from each of the 31 NFL cities,

along with a current member or alumni from each NFL team. Chefs and volunteers raise money for national hunger programs. Chef Spike is going to be preparing tasting samples and signing autographs.

Also, for the Serious Top Chef Fans...Spike is going to be participating in a Super Bowl themed cook-off challenge at the Top Chef Tailgate - Super Bowl Pre-Game Show. The official Top Chef Tailgate to be featured in the Official Super Bowl Pre-Game Show will include Chef Tom Colicchio and a panel of VIP and celebrity judges to evaluate the food and determine a winner.

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