Sunday, January 18, 2009

Good Stuff Cookies...can anything be better?

Phenomenal, right! All thanks to the amazing mother and daughter team of Margie and Abbey Greenberg.

How can you not love these gorgeous women and trust me, when you taste their amazing cookies, you just fall deeper and deeper.

I want to introduce all the good stuffers to The Flour Pot, a cookie decorating company based in Ambler, PA.

When we spoke with Margie and Abbey they were so excited to be part of the team and we couldn't be happier that they agreed to be our supplier for the Good Stuff Cookie.

As we do with all our ingredients, we know exactly was is being put in the cookies and that they are being made with care for our customers.

It was Margie's love for design and sweets, plus Abbey's stellar business skills that started and helped The Flour Pot grow into a thriving business - God, I love small business owners!

So ladies, here's a shout out to you, thanks for making our Good Stuff Cookies, we love them and we love you.



  1. Why aren't cookies on the online menu? Also, why is the online menu a 4 foot by 6 foot wall poster PDF file? Maybe if it was available as an HTML file you could edit it to keep it accurate?

    Also, the Blue Cheese and Bacon burger that looks so delicious on your website isn't on the menu. A friend thinks this is the Obama burger, do you still sell it or was it only for innauguration?

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