Sunday, February 1, 2009

All Stars...All Me?...All Carla!

If you were smart enough to head to Good Stuff Eatery this Wednesday for our Top Chef viewing party - you must have been seriously surprised.

That's got to watch the show with this season's awesome Chef and DC girl - Carla.

No one though, was more surprised than husband of Top Chef Season 5 Contestant, who surprised hubby with two tickets to the Super Bowl after she revealed that not only did she win the elimination competition but she won two sweet ass tickets to Super Bowl.

It was a great night with over 100 people packing into the restaurant to watch Andrew and I duke it out - can Andrew be anymore hilarious and inappropriate in a totally awesome way?

I was up against Fabian...oh no wait, Fabio...and guess who lost? Do you really have to even ask?

Coolest part of the night was seeing the surprise in Carla's husband's face when he got two tickets, for him and his son, to head over to Tampa.

He's not the only one heading to the sunshine state though - make sure you tune in to the Super Bowl Pre-Game show to see who wins in that competition. Andrew, Richard, Antonia and I head to Florida this weekend for a Top Chef Challenge.

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