Sunday, February 1, 2009

Me & Whoopi

So Tuesday morning I went to NYC and hanged with barb, joy, sheri and whoopi - ladies of The View.

I was in a competition with Lisa Fernandez and Stephen Asprinio on how to cook for a family with a budget. I still can't understand why the win went to Lisa...I mean how can you beat Greek Pizza and Greek Yogurt with Honey? but it did.

Also reunited with Padma...for every guy (and girl) that has asked me...she IS even more beautiful in person!

The ladies were amazingly sweet. A shout out goes to Rachel, the show's producer who was in charge and made sure everything was perfect AND she was funny as hell.

I got a dressing room, moving up in the world, am I? It was pretty slick.

In case you want to recreate the best recipes.

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