Sunday, February 1, 2009

They Aren't Joking When They Say Early Morning Show

guest blog by CBS, well I basically cut and pasted what the kind people at CBS said.

I did have to get up at 5:30 was worth it! Shout out to Harry and Maggie, very cool anchors.

While you might not be able to attend a fancy inaugural ball, you CAN host your own party!

On The Early Show Monday, Washington chef Spike Mendelsohn, whom you might remember as a contestant on "Top Chef," season four, served up recipes, and contributor Laura Schwartz suggested ways you could bring a little of the inaugural spirit to your own soiree and make it "presidential."

Mendelsohn turns out delicious comfort food he turns out at his restaurant, "Good Stuff Eatery" and had plenty of party foods on his Early Show menu, with fun spins on many of the fancy finger foods that will be served at parties around the capital.

On Mendelsohn's menu:

Lemongrass Shrimp Skewers (instead of shrimp cocktail)
Mini Jalapeno & Nacho Cheese Quiches (instead of ham & cheese quiches)
Chili & Cheese Phyllo Pizzas
President Obama Sliders (instead of roast beef canape)
Toasted Marshmallow Spiked Milkshakes (OK, OK, it's a bit cold for ice cream, but this item has a cult following at Chef Spike's eatery, and he's added some Kahlua to help warm it up!

In early October, Chef Spike put both an Obama burger and a McCain burger on his menu. As you might guess, his goal with each was to capture the candidates' personalities. The restaurant also kept a tally of how many of each burger sold. Just as in the election itself, the Obama burger wound up on top.

Chef Spike explained why each item in the "Obama Slider" burger belongs:

Blue cheese represents Obama's sophistication
Red Onion Marmalade for his sweetness and kind heart
Applewood-smoked Bacon represents the feeling of comfort and safety he's bringing to the country
Horseradish Sauce represents his attitude and swagger

Check out recipes.

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  1. Is the Obama burger still available??? I am planning to visit the restaurant for the first time next Thursday, 26 Feb, and it sounds delicious...