Sunday, February 1, 2009

I Made It On Oprah...kinda

I'm on but that's pretty HUGE right?

I was very excited to be hosting a Burger Ball (during Obama's Inauguration), which went superb. The DJ - DJ Butta-was off the chain! People were dancing till 2am, eating, drinking and just overall enjoying the moment. The undescribeable moment in history, that I know I'll never forget, along with the feeling of actually being in front of the U.S. Capitol that morning.

That's right, I woke up at 6am and walked down to get a view. It was a great view and yes, my feet are still defrosting, but it was worth it. To be hanging out with all these people that braved the freezing cold, looked at their alarm clock and actually got up that morning, stood in line till 9am to get to an entrance and then again till the ceremony started. The vibe, the people, the feeling of change and that yes, everything is going to be alright...amazing.

Then I huffed it back to the restaurant, busted out 2,000 burgers with our outstanding staff and at 5pm got ready for the Burger I insane? Yes.

So in the middle of the Burger Ball who walks in? Stephanie, Producer for with her crew. They happen to be super cool, awesome and thank goodness, loved the food!

So check us out on Oprah. I take you through a tour of the Good Stuff Eatery kitchen, you meet all the boys behind the line and my shakistas. You'll also get the secret recipe to the Obama burger and other awesome dishes for hosting your own party.

Now...please email oprah and let them know how much you love the good stuff at Good Suff!

lovin' oprah,

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