Sunday, February 1, 2009

Think You're a Top Chef?

Ok, so, one of the coolest things to happen this week...I'm a spokesperson for Quaker® Oats in Washington, DC. That's pretty cool right? I mean I should be their spokesperson for the world - Ambassador of Oats - but that's another story.

Part of this amazing job I'm spreading the word on the Quaker® Oats Quickfire Challenge.

You want a free to trip to New York? Enter a recipe, made with Quaker® Oats and not only can you watch the taping of a Top Chef episode but you'll have some serious bragging rights.

Interested in cooking with Quaker® Oats, find more than a hundred recipes here. Just make sure you submit an original recipe. I've come up with a few of my own that I'll post once I tweak them.

So run out and grab your stash and start your own test kitchen.

Enter to win and hopefully we'll be hanging in the Big Apple!

oats and love,

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