Sunday, January 18, 2009

Good Stuff Cookies...can anything be better?

Phenomenal, right! All thanks to the amazing mother and daughter team of Margie and Abbey Greenberg.

How can you not love these gorgeous women and trust me, when you taste their amazing cookies, you just fall deeper and deeper.

I want to introduce all the good stuffers to The Flour Pot, a cookie decorating company based in Ambler, PA.

When we spoke with Margie and Abbey they were so excited to be part of the team and we couldn't be happier that they agreed to be our supplier for the Good Stuff Cookie.

As we do with all our ingredients, we know exactly was is being put in the cookies and that they are being made with care for our customers.

It was Margie's love for design and sweets, plus Abbey's stellar business skills that started and helped The Flour Pot grow into a thriving business - God, I love small business owners!

So ladies, here's a shout out to you, thanks for making our Good Stuff Cookies, we love them and we love you.




I’m blogging at the speed of lightening because it’s like 3 seconds until inauguration weekend starts to kick my skinny b*tt and I need to be flipping burgers not writing blogs. Even tho blogging is a blast… and I get far less dirty doing it! So where do I begin. From now until Wednesday, here’s a small taste of the insanity, otherwise known as my to-do list:

1- Feed the billions of hungry, Obama fans who will be walking by Good Stuff, or intentionally stopping by thanks to all the buzz circling around town. We extended our hours, edited our menu and are ready to rock ‘n roll. Actually, BA'RACK 'n roll.The customer energy is incredible, my staff is all pumped up, and honestly the fun hasn’t even begun!

2- My life is 90% chaotic kitchen, 10% red carpet. If I can manage to escape Good Stuff, and I’m not sure I”ll even want to, I’ve got a few awesome events lined up. There’s a “Declare Yourself” party hosted by Jessica Alba…yeah, I know..speaking of sizzling! And also Maroon Five is playing and a bunch of other people that I should recognize but don’t. The dress code is “celebrity-chic” which means, well, I have no clue. Thank god for the nosy women in my life - my wardrobe is one thing I don’t mind them controlling! After that we’re all going to strip down to our PJs and hit the Obama Pajama Party, which sounds sweeeeeet for two reasons - I get to wear my favorite ‘jammies, AND Marisa Tomei will be there in hers. Need I go on?

3- In the middle of all this, I’m shooting a bunch of TV shows, morning shows and such. I’m afraid to jinx myself and say the names yet. But let me just say- they are BIG. And, they are EARLY. Where’s my espresso, Katie Couric?!

4- Let’s just add a paragraph for all the people I know heading to DC this weekend! I wouldn’t change it for the world but I’m literally running out of seconds in the day! Hopefully everyone will understand when I give them a delicious burger, a juicy kiss, and then…. peace out.

5- The grand finale is my BURGER BALL on Tuesday night. Forget the tuxes and the pretentious schmoozing, I’m all about a night of FUN to celebrate this sensational moment in history. You know me, I’m laid-back, so I created a celebration that’s more about good people and great vibes, not the uptight, upscale stuff. I’ve heard Constantine from American Idol is coming and something about The Counting Crows, but I leave that to my PR peeps. All I know is that surviving this week, not to mention the Inauguration of the most inspiring man alive, gives me plenty of reason to revel in pure, uncensored, unrehearsed, forever awesomeness.

Gotta get back to the kitchen.

Love n Bacon,

Saturday, January 3, 2009


Come to the most fun ball of inauguration night – jeans highly recommended

Tuesday January 20th, 2009
8pm, $99 a ticket.

This is for the hip crowd that doesn’t want to buy a ball gown or rent a tux but wants to celebrate Obama’s swearing-in with 8 different handcrafted mini burgers, mini handcut fries with a selection of mayo’s, mini shakes (don’t worry the toasted marshmallow shake is on the list) and farm fresh salads. Beer and wine is included in the price and there will be vegetarian burger options.

Doors open at 8pm for the party and the restaurant will transform to a candlelit farmhouse chic atmosphere - mini cocktail tables, bar tables and stools, throw pillows for the booth and people can jam to some awesome music.

During the day GSE will be open and serve it’s regular menu.

To buy tickets call asap, credit card required, limited capacity:
Call Micheline at 202.543.8222 or